The INTERCOH conference series initiated by Dr. Reg Parker and Prof. Ashish Mehta is an international platform where scientists and engineers worldwide can meet and exchange experiences to develop a better understanding of the transport of fine-grained sediments. Typically over one hundred scientists attend the conference and all sessions are plenary, permitting ample opportunities to discuss findings and exchange ideas.

Fine sediments accumulate in ports and navigational channels, becoming an important issue with large ecological and economic impacts. The characteristics and behavior of the fine sediments are largely influenced by the local hydrodynamics and the related processes are still poorly understood.

The study of fine sediments therefore requires a good description of specific processes related to cohesion properties, such as flocculation and consolidation, and, on the other hand, is simplified by the similitude between particle and fluid velocities, which allows the computation of fine sediment transport by solving an advection/diffusion equation.

This meeting in Shanghai is the 11th International Conference on Cohesive Sediment Transport Processes (INTERCOH 2011), and its role has been expanded to emphasize the environment as a whole, over and beyond the nearshore and estuarine zones.

The INTERCOH2011 will focus on land-sea interaction studies, particularly on environmental issues and related effects of human interference activities. And, a special session will be held on fine sediments issues in Yangtze River estuary.

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